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    Hardware Specifications
  • Intel CPU Processor
  • Hardened Linux OS
  • 256MB RAM
  • Min 20GB HD
  • 1U Rack mountable form factor [426(W) x 230(D) x 44(H) mm]
  • 10/100BT NIC card
  • 900/1800 Dualband GSM Modem
  • GSM 850/1900 or CDMA available upon request
  • 4 x USB, PCI
    Server Information
  • Intel CPU or higher processor
  • 1U Rack mountable hardware
  • Linux operating system
  • 256/512 MB RAM
  • Min. 80 GB HDD
  • 10/100BT NIC Card,1 x GSM modem (900/1800/1900 triband GSM modem,
    3G modem or CDMA modem supported)
    Software Specifications (pre-installed)
  • Solaris10/Linux OS (hardened)
  • sendQuick Entera Software
  • Apache web server
  • Qmail email server
  • PostgreSQL database
  • DNS Server

Our sendQuick solutions seek to illustrate how companies work and integrate challenges in the convergence of communications media, namely, the Internet, paging and mobile messaging (SMS). The value of these companies sharing these experiences lies in their ability to further the business case for sustainable development by supporting the design of effective integration of wireless and online technologies. These case studies therefore aim to communicate seamless IT integration using sendQuick products as its platform and source. They also include specific business needs and solutions that we provided to inspire others to benefit too. TalariaX develops best of class wireless products and services to benefit our customers. Our company's commitment is driven by our vision and objectives towards our aim of building a world class product company in the mobile wireless arena.

SMS Applications

By using mobile applications, particularly SMS (Short Message Service), companies can communicate between employees, customers and business partners efficiently and effectively.


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